Hotel rates in the USA: A high price to pay for little in the way of customer service or a fair deal?, the free online hotel reservation service with over 210,000 hotels worldwide, has investigated just how satisfied the customers who have used it to book rooms have been with the service provided by the hotel.

On the basis of over one million hotel ratings, specifically analysed the value-for-money assessments submitted for 3 and 4 star hotels in order to calculate the guest satisfaction. Warini Munshi, Managing Director of Ltd explains, “In contrast to a ranking based purely on price, which a range of portals already offer, we have concentrated on analysing the qualitative aspects of the hotels. After all, hotel guests do not use price alone to rate establishments – they want a high level of quality too.”

Here are the results of the analysis:

- International: Lisbon in top position, followed by Tokyo. European cities dominate the rankings.
- USA: Indianapolis is the leader closely followed by Phoenix (Arizona). Los Angeles amongst the top 15 Global Top 20: (major cities)

Value for money rating
1. Lisbon 7,62
2. Tokyo 7,60
3. Prague 7,51
4. Warsaw 7.42
5. Athens 7.37
6. Berlin 7.36
7. Madrid 7.18
8. Vienna 7.13
9. Ottawa 7.04
10. Dublin 6.77
11. Helsinki 6.53
12. Paris 6.18
13. Brussels 6.13
14. London 6.08
15. Washington 6.06
16. Rio de Janeiro 6.06
17. Berne 6.05
18. Stockholm 6.01
19. Amsterdam 5.79
20. New York 5.77

Lisbon, Portugal, is in top place in the world rankings, thanks to its overall assessment, and is followed by Tokyo (Japan) and Prague (Czech Republic). Hotels in these cities obviously provide particularly good value for money. Washington, New York and Ottawa represent North America in the ranking, with Rio de Janeiro also representing South America. Overall, however, European cities dominate the Top 20. 15 Cities in the USA

Value for money rating
1. Indianapolis 8.0
2. Phoenix 7.98
3. Scottsdale 7.62
4. Dallas 7.60
5. Las Vegas 7.19
6. Orlando 7.09
7. Irving 7.06
8. Atlanta 7.03
9. Seattle 6.98
10. Chicago 6.82
11. Miami 6.65
12. Houston 6.63
13. San Diego 6.63
14. Denver 6.61
15. Los Angeles 6,50

In the USA the guests of were especially satisfied with the value for money of hotels in Indianapolis. The hotels in Phoenix (Arizona) and Scottsdale also did well and were felt to provide good service at a fair price. The booking customers criticised the value for money of the hotels in Los Angeles but which was nonetheless placed within the top 15 destinations. Guests are invited to assess the hotel that they have booked through on a scale of 0 to 10 after they have checked out. Criteria such as room quality and staff friendliness can be judged in addition to the perceived value for money. is a free online hotel reservation service for corporate and private customers. The service offers more than 210,000 hotels for electronic bookings around the world. Customers booking via achieve significantly better prices in comparison with other booking channels. In addition, shows all available room prices for each hotel, so that the customer can always select the cheapest or most suitable room price. All bookings via are transferred simultaneously, securely and directly to the respective hotel’s computer. This guarantees the unique integration of each hotel’s own reservation systems (CRS or PMS) and’s own reservation system myRES into the unified user interface. At, customers seeking hotel rooms can base their decisions to book a room not only on the core information such as room price and hotel facilities, but also on the hotel reviews and ratings submitted by around 1 million hotel guests from around the world. Compared with existing rating portals, customers can rely on 100% genuine hotel ratings, since only customers who have booked and recently stayed in each hotel are asked for their opinion. Once a customer has selected an offer, the hotel is presented for direct online booking at attractive conditions, in line with the “Check & Book” claim. is the international brand of AG. This brand was created to further drive expansion within Europe. The aim is to establish throughout Europe as the leading reservation service for corporate and private customers. Today operates offices in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and China

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