Mobissimo to bring travel search to Facebook

Travel search engine Mobissimo has launched the first vertical travel search application available within Facebook. Now, users can access Mobissimo’s travel search engine directly from Mobissimo’s Facebook page and get real-time results from over 172 different travel websites worldwide.

This new capability is part of an aggressive strategy to leverage Facebook’s growing importance in online travel distribution and planning while continuing to drive innovation in an increasingly homogenous travel search market.

“As the only major U.S. travel search engine with its own proprietary travel search technology, deep integration into the Facebook ecosystem makes perfect sense for us to reach the 500 million Facebook users who want to be able to search for travel without leaving Facebook.” said Beatrice Tarka, Mobissimo’s CEO and co-founder.

The recent developments in travel search show the risk of relying on third party technologies for core search. Many travel companies already depend heavily on Google (GOOG) to drive visitors. If the Google-ITA acquisition is approved, travel search companies will be forced to rely on Google for core technology, further increasing their dependence and reliance on Google and reducing their ability to innovate within important new distribution channels like Facebook.

“As ITA has become the dominant provider of travel search technology, companies that rely on it for core search cannot differentiate their content and innovate. Our unique position as the only major travel search engine with its own technology gives us the flexibility to continue to innovate and provide unparalleled access to travel content no other company can provide,” said Tarka.

Mobissimo’s new Facebook travel search is an example of how companies with proprietary technology can continue to drive innovation and differentiation in the travel industry. In addition to the launch of its own search engine within Facebook, Mobissimo is also providing the Mobissimo Facebook travel search protocol to its partners so they can quickly integrate their own travel inventory into Facebook via the application marketplace.

Most importantly, beginning today Facebook users no longer have to leave Facebook to search and plan travel, they simply can navigate to the Mobissimo Facebook application to get instant access to the world’s leading travel brands and the best deals on airfare, hotel, and car rentals, all within Facebook.

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