The Global Hotel Construction Pipeline Tops 11,000 Projects

April 6, 2016 – PORTSMOUTH, NH – According to the latest Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report from Lodging Econometrics (LE), the worldwide Pipeline is at 11,130 Projects/1.9 million Rooms, the highest level LE has ever recorded. The Global Pipeline is up 9% Year-Over-Year (YOY) by both projects and rooms, led by significant growth in the [...]

A Match Made in Hollywood: TripAdvisor Basks in Newlywed Bliss Naming Top 10 Celebrity Honeymoon Hotels

Romantic Locales, Privacy and VIP Service Set the Stage for A-List Honeymooners
TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, today announced its list of the top ten celebrity honeymoon hotels, as identified by TripAdvisor editors.  When it comes to celebrating their weddings, TripAdvisor has learned that celebrities spare no expense in selecting the perfect accommodations that are [...]

TripAdvisor now world’s largest travel website

According to comScore data, TripAdvisor leads now the way with the highest number of unique montly website visitors in the online travel segment – more than 35 million unique visitors from across the globe, a frew million more than the next largest site, Expedia.

TripAdvisor, for long the world’s largest travel community website has now also [...]

How to create a sales driven hotel website

Nowadays the web has become a powerful search engine tool for travelers. Your website is your best sales representative, therefore it is important for it to provide the proper tools to engage lookers and turn them into bookers.

By Pedro Colaco GuestCentric President and CEO
Nowadays the web has become a powerful search engine tool for travelers. [...]

5 ways travel is using social media

It’s easy to get swept up in the buzz of social media. Everyday there is another new and exciting social media story to hit the news. The question remains: how are travel companies really using social media to add value?

Here are 5 ways that EyeforTravel recently found travel companies to be succeeding:-
1. Customer engagement and [...]

TripAdvisor Business Listing – not for everyone

In order to evaluate the benefits of using the TripAdvisor’s new Business Listing feature, Spanish web marketing company Mirai Espana asked three of their clients from Madrid to share their data. The result: ROI varied greatly among the three hotels.

Traffic: Expectations were high; after all it is a leading site in the travel industry and [...]

The WWED effect on online hotel pricing

“What will Expedia do?” has become a key question for many hotel marketers, as the company monitors your every promotion and hauls you onto the carpet whenever you have the audacity to give a rate to anyone else – including private sale sites, according to this article.

Unless your property belongs to a massive chain with [...]

Google expands Google Maps hotel price test

A Google spokesperson says the experiment is still only being shown to U.S./English searchers. The test has the same functionality as originaly reported and the same partners are involved; but more end users will start to see hotel prices when using Google Maps.

Google enlarges to portion of Google Maps users that see the latest experiment [...]

Do Your Hotel Staff Know the Score?

There’s nothing more frustrating, and demotivating for staff than lack of communication and being kept in the dark. Unless people know what’s expected of them and what’s going on you’ll end up with an unhappy team, and ultimately an impact on performance levels and increased staff turnover.
Hopefully the communication starts with a thorough induction, which [...]

Top Ten Ethical Destinations in the World

Suriname, South Africa or Poland – you might wonder what these very different countries have in common. It is “mindful travel” as some call it or ethical traveling, which is a way of preserving the wonders of the world for future generations. According to the recent report of the “Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations” [...]